This blog aims to share a little of our life on board Temptress of Down and our sailing adventures wherever in the world we happen to wash up. Having spent 2016 sailing across the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific from Grenada to Malaysia we are still deciding what our plans are for 2017

Fair Winds

Susie & Kevin
SY Temptress of Down

All words and images © 2001-2017  Temptress of Down unless otherwise stated.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Franz Maschke said:

    Our namesiare Franz and Shirley. We are sailing since 2012 around the world.
    During crossing the Bass Straight from Tasmania to Sydney our rudder broke off.
    We were towed 55 nm to Lake Entrance by the waterpolice of Australia.
    We ordered a rudderstock and frame from Jeanneau France. which arrived last week.
    We are trying to obtain a drawing from Jeanneau but so far without success.
    Do you have a contact within the Jeanneau organisation or elsewhere who could provide us with an original drawing of the rudder.
    Our boat is a Sun Odyssey 45.2 build in 2002.
    Best regards. Franz Maschke.


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