Spanish Style Boat Stew

Temptress’ chef serves up many versions of this and rarely measures anything, what follows is purely for inspiration. This stew can be made with provisions from the ships stores or with fresh meat and veg if available and works well with freshly caught tuna instead of meat:

  • Sufficient meat (sausages, corned beef, tinned or fresh pork) for the crew
  • Scrubbed potatoes cut in quarters or smaller – life is too short to bother peeling them
  • Carrots diced into 1 cm pieces – see comments on potatoes
  • Red or green pepper (capsicum) chopped – if you can find it
  • Onion – chopped
  • Garlic – several chopped cloves to the crews taste
  • Tin tomatoes
  • Tomato Puree
  • Tspn sugar
  • Stock cube
  • Handful of pitted olives – green or black cut in halves
  • Dried herbs like bayleaves, thyme, rosemary, sage etc
  • Parika – smoked or sweet to your liking
  • Salt & Pepper to season

Fry the onion til soft adding the meat if using fresh meat and continue until the meat is browned

Add the carrots and potatoes, garlic, olives, herbs and paprika and cook for a few minutes more til fragrant

Add the tinned tomatoes, puree, sugar and stock cube plus a small amount of water, enough to ensure the stew doesn’t catch on the bottom of the pan (I usually rinse the tomato tin with half a can of water and use that)

Cook for 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked through. At this point add the tinned meat or fresh fish if using and continue for another 5-10 mins until its thoroughly heated/cooked through. Season to taste and thicken the sauce if necessary.

Serve with bread or a salad or on its own.