Great ingredients…

Sometime ago a friend who had spent a few days onboard suggested that I write up my recipes. Then I was asked to contribute to the Passage to the East Rally Cookbook so having a few recipes on paper, I thought it was time I shared my culinary creations with anyone who happens to drop by this blog.

A word of warning Temptress’ chef is incapable of following a recipe so what you’ll find within these pages is a list of ingredients and maybe some rough quantities. I cook by taste and smell not by numbers. However what I do love to do is recreate in the galley, local food from the places we sail to as well as Indian, Italian and French dishes. Some of what follows will be entirely store cupboard based for use when shops with fresh food are difficult to find. Some dishes are for cooking and eating at sea and others for suppers with friends.

Bon Apetit!