First Impressions of Bahrain

Lovely lunch at Al Abraaj in Adliya – heaps and heaps of mezza followed by a main course for less than 10 BD including refreshing smoothies made from lemon & mint. You have got to try it when/if the weather gets hotter where you are! The main course seemed to have a distinct British influence – grilled chicken smothered in an unidentifiable (yet tasty) white sauce served with Birds Eye mixed veg and lukewarm deep fried boiled potatoes trying to imitate roasties. Still it was very edible. Kevin had a Kofta served on a large hot pitta covered in tomato and yoghurt managing a sort of meat feast pizza effect!

Afterwards hired a car – 18 BD per day (multiply by 1.75 for GBP) for the next couple of weeks. It was a shiney white Yaris just after lunch, now its sort of dusty gray like everywhere here. Drove south to see some desert and the sea – desert and beach are same grey sand with tufts of shrub, sea was windy but flat. Can’t decide whether the haze is sand in the air due to the wind or the output of the oil refinery. Any idea why oil pipes don’t have smooth curves but sharp, numbered bends?

Lots of people (or rather men) riding lovely horses near the coast but a dirth of sailing boats at both Bahrain Yacht Club and the Bahrain Sailing Club. The former appears more of a social centre with a private beach, several bars and a restaurant plus a small marina which seemed to be home to a collection of motor boats plus a few small yachts. The latter looked like a sailing school with lots of lasers & hobbies for hire plus BBQ facilities on the beach. Can’t join either’ til we get our residents permit though. South of the sailing centre, the beach at Al-Jazayer has street lights even though there are none along the road!!

Bahrain is very very flat! Building everywhere (the cranes on the skyline beat even the Spanish coast viewed from the sea) and roads don’t follow the routes depicted on the maps so finding places is interesting. Everyone is very friendly, one lady even stopped her car this morning and asked if she could give us a lift somewhere when we were trying to make sense of our map!

Back in the hotel for a snooze as lack of sleep last night is catching up. Then we’ll head out to explore some more & find our supper. Got very humid as sun set but the breeze is cooling, we may even need a jumper.