Mobile Marketing Madness

I thought I had escaped the crazy marketing that goes on in the mobile phone industry but it seems not. In the UK, many of my readers will be familiar with Orange and their odd animal themed offerings; dolphin, camel, racoon etc.. Well here in Bahrain over the past week or more billboards have proclaimed “Zainers, Tick Tock. Tick Tock.. It’s time to make a wish.. Get ready for wonders you don’t want to miss..”

Now all has been revealed and it makes the Orange Zoo seem almost sane. With fantastic artwork (see the photos on the Zain Bahrain Facebook page) the earthlings at my mobile supplier have spoken:
“Attention Zainers..

The time is here, and everyone is wondering.. In our wonderful world, a simple word can fill the heart with the greatest joy.. It’s a world where wonders come in all shapes and sizes.. You are all invited to celebrate days and nights of fun, prizes and surprises..

Zainers.. You are wonderful, and to us, you are the world..

Zain Family”

Sadly I have to admit I’m more than tempted to check the WonderPlanner , dial *555# and take them up on one of the events on offer. It certainly beats Orange Wednesdays