Waitron Rant…

Rant On: There is one aspect of Texan life that is driving me mad, and has probably been accentuated as living in a hotel for the past month, we eat out for every meal… the waiters/waitresses/waitrons in virtually every establishment we’ve been to.

I have sort of come to accept the “Welcome, I am *****, your server for this morning/afternoon/evening” delivered as if they are a bosom friend. However if one more places the bill/check on the table with the words “I’m putting this here but you don’t need to hurry” before I’ve even made any inroads into my meal I not sure I can be held responsible for my actions.

Then there is my other bugbear; almost everywhere, even in the poshest of eateries, a member of staff will start clearing your table BEFORE everyone has finished eating, leaving those still eating feeling guilty that they are slower than the rest of the party. Don’t they teach these kids any manners?

Eating a meal should be a relaxed, enjoyable process offering the chance for talking and savouring the food and not interupted by multiple checks that everything is ok, making space to place the folder containing the bill or clearing the empty plates. 

And when you need a service like more coffee, water or another bottle of wine, guess what there is often no one around to come to your table! I’m beginning to think they should be termed automatons not waitrons!

Rant Off


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