Trendy Interior Decor Dubai Style

Bedroom Art – note the jeans pocket!

Our room here at the Radisson Internet City is more than a little bemusing starting with the light switches (see picture further down) and progressing rapidly into the bathroom. Here the sink is a large ceramic rectangle with a shallow dip in the middle, the central “plug” is directly below the wall mounted tap. Whether up or down the curved plug acts just like a spoon under a kitchen tap to ensure that the unwary get a thorough soaking!

As for those taps I can’t fathom them; over the sink both turn anticlockwise for “on”. Do that in the shower and you are likely to scald or freeze yourself as they turn opposite ways to each other! And, in case you manage to figure that out with your eyes shut to avoid getting soap in them, there is an additional middle tap which redirects the water from the ceiling wateringcan-style rose to a handheld jet mounted above easy reach that directs the scalding water so it bounces horizontally into your ear!

As for the rest of the decor and “features”.. the pictures speak for themselves!

Towel Rail for Giants – the only place provided to hang them

Fish Tank feature in corner of shower or how to wake your sleeping partner

Just how complex can you make a light switch?
This is one of two such arrays

What’s wrong with a cardboard doorknob hanger?

And finally…Bathroom Art above the loo of course