There is lots of rubbish in the desert, some is really undesirable like plastic bottles, barbed wire and old tin cans, whilst some is also interesting with presumably a tale to tell that we’ll never know, like both of the old kettles picked up recently. This post is dedicated to a few of the larger items left lying in the sands that we have come across during our off road trips:

Carhenge – a favourite of Oasis Offroaders


Carhenge – a few months later, the sand is swallowing it up
Somewhere in the nature reserve on the way to Hameem
The Tanker – another photo opportunity


This abandoned Toyota is somewhere east of Liwa


Another pickup – this time between Al Ain & Hameem


Still pristine but abandoned a couple of dunes back from Al Ain airport


And finally, this really is a ship wreck – near The Green Community, Dubai