An Update – the Dubai Apartment Scam

Do you recognise this?:

Reader of Wanderings past posts may recall that early last year Susie had a close encounter with a landlord who was not quite what he seemed ie not a bona fide property owner in Dubai. Over the last week or two I have noticed a number of searches on the character involved in our Blogger stats (yes I am one of those sad people who look at their website stats…. my marketing training I’m afraid), one “othman m. s. sultan”. Well that wasn’t quite the full name he gave me, that was “Othman Abdulrahman M. S. Sultan Alolama”.

Anyway one of the recent comments on my original post got me looking him up again. Above is a snapshot of the website this contributors was directed too. Below is the website he was using last year – this is an easy game of spot the difference – a change of colour green to blue, a small change to the content (though the use of English has not been improved) and a change of web address…. and bobs your uncle he/she is in business again…. you have been warned.

PS: If you really still think this is not a scam read their Quality statement which begins (my italics): “Property Way Ltd. management recognizes that it can achieve its vision of being one of the premier freight forwarding and handling agents through a Quality Management System.”

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  1. So you're going to live on a boat? Off the grid? Wandering? Wow! Can I come? I can row really well. So pleased that you're making such an amazing new step in your life. Keep in touch when you can and beware of big sharks. xxx Kay


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