Fitting A New Rudder

Probably the most powerful pressure washer- stand clear!
Primed ready to go

Taping up

An expensive coffee table

Stormy morning on Fuerteventura

Standing up right

Lifting it 15 cm using the forklift truck so the lifting platform will fit underneath…

Ready to be lifted into place – yes that is a fluffy bath mat!

Gently does it

The bearing needed silicone grease and WD40 to help it slide into place

An audience

The lifting trolley pushed the rudder home

A steel collar and a bolt hold it all in place

Meanwhile a new through hull has been fitted too

Antifoul almost complete

Rudder ready to go

Cleaning up

Greater spotted skipper

Ceremonial tape removal
(yes the bow will be re-taped tomorrow once new cowls are fitted)

Satisfying seeing a neat waterline

Looking smart!