Temptress does the Atlantic – Day 9

Thursday 20 Feb

A rocky rolly night, everyone hardly able to sleep as thrown around in the

bunk but I can vouch all this movement gives you some weird dreams so must

have slept a bit. Just after 6am there was another squally shower, making

progress as 922 nm to go as the crow flies. temptress has now covered 1274

nm through the water so the journey total will be more than the great Circle

distance of 2163. Currently the best course we can sail will land us

somewhere to the west of Georgetown, Guyana so we need to gybe again at some

point. Grenada bears 283 degrees magnetic and on this gybe Temptress is

managing 250 or so depending on the wind and waves. On the other it'll be

more like 300.

The event of the day was a display some 200m or so to starboard by one or

more Orca breaching (spelling?)almost completely out of the water, then

twisting to reveal a large expanse of white belly before splashing down on

it's back. An amazing 30 mins or so of entertainment we feel privileged to

have seen. Though we did have a slight moment of fear when one seemed to be

getting closer. In the evening something unseen took todays lure, one of our

Turkish “you will not fail to catch fish with this” metal fish shaped

spinners, ah well looks like we'll be visiting a fishing tackle shop when we

reach the Caribbean. Perhaps one day Temptress and her crew will actually

catch and land a fish supper. Rain again as we were about to dish up supper

(chicken risotto) and again once we'd settled down to eat, Joe and I

retreated below with our bowls. Still amazed at the size of the chicken

breasts we purchased in Gran Canaria – 1.5 fed the four of us a hearty meal,

the other 1.5 are cooked and will for a salad tomorrow night.

When it is not raining the temperatures are heating up – no oilies or

fleeces for the night watches, bimini a necessity by lunchtime. The skippers

beard is coming on a treat, should be quite shaggy by the time this voyage

is over. All well on board