Where does all the dirt come from?

Local wooden home, Bellevue, Grenada
Local home near Bellevue, St David’s

I am not particularly keen on housework preferring boat jobs above decks rather than the dusting and cleaning down below in the humid heat but I do dust and vacuum at least once per week. This morning whilst Kevin was occupied with a pile of laundry and some soapy water in the cooling breezes of the cockpit I spent an hour or so vacuuming then washing down the cabin sole (wooden floors for landlubbers), door frames and companionway steps with hot Soapy Wood Cleaner. All that wood equates to perhaps a third of Temptress’ golden teak interior and as it is over 30 degrees down below despite the cooling breeze through the hatches and portholes, this monthly chore is rapidly becoming worse than walking a few miles in the sands of Liwa. The sweat was pouring off me, the soapy water black as night by the time the task was done. And it left me wondering yet again where does all that dust and dirt come from?

St David's Parish, Grenada
Hazy view across St Davids Parish, Grenada

You can expect some greasy bits around the galley although most of the sole there is covered with a rug. I can understand some sand because though we both are careful to rinse ourselves down if we’ve been to the beach before boarding the boat, a little sand inevitably remains wedged between toes or in shorts’ pockets. As a crew we customarily go barefoot on board; shore shoes being left on deck to avoid bringing street dirt down below where it might scratch the teak and holly sole. Wearing t-shirts and shorts every day surely precludes woolly fluff? And, as in any case the crew spend most of the time outside either ashore or in the cockpit, dirt levels down below should surely be minimal? So just where does all the dust and dirt come from?

Rant over – off to get re-hydrated and find a job above decks in the breeze!

Bellevue, Grenada
A lovely mountainside house, Bellevue, St David’s –
the bright colour of a Flamboyant Tree in the foreground

PS: Piccies are from last Saturday’s Hash – a very muddy hilly hike through the jungle of St David’s Parish in the south east corner of the island.