Tales from the Pacific day 26

Yup we both survived the night, no tummy ache no death from botulism. Now looking forward to the other pie when we can face heating the boat up again!

Over night the miles rolled off by 8am; we’d just under 350 nm to go. All night Temptress was as yesterday sailed with the genoa poled out although in order to do so at times the variable wind made our course a little wriggly; 240 something degrees for a while the gradually round as far as due west and back again. There was little else for the night watches to do.

So to today’s maths 350/7 knots = 50 hours, 350/6 = 58.3 hours and 350/5 = 70 hours. Fifty hours from now (08:30) is 10:30 Friday morning, seventy is 06:30 Saturday. Then, having reached our arrival waypoint we have 20 nm to navigate along the island’s south coast to the actual anchorage in Baie Tahauku. I doubt we’ll average seven knots for the next two days based on current wind conditions and the forecast and we need to arrive in daylight to find our way in. The question is will that be sunrise on Saturday or will we squeeze in before sunset on Friday?

Noon to noon: through the water 149nm over the ground 158nm Noon position: 09 29.97S 133 18.67W
Distance to run: 322nm