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Time to Go Sailing… Again

After a few traumatic weeks in which we found a flat and the skipper settled into working life in Singapore, only for the whole plot to be torn up for the third time in about 18 months we have decided to take control of our own direction. Ultimately, we intend to complete our circumnavigation by returning to Northern Ireland. For now, as the winds aren’t right for going west until later in the year, Temptress has signed on with Sail Malaysia’s Passage to the East.

We depart Singapore on Saturday April 27 for Sebana Cove, Johor, Malaysia to join the rally fleet. Those who have kept up with our movements over Easter may realise that is where we have just been with our crew for a few fun-filled days. Sebana is only a handful of miles as the crow flies from Changi Sailing Club but it may as well be the moon, the resort hotel and marina are tucked up a mangrove lined river in rural East Johore. There we will meet some of the thirty odd boats and start a cruise in company up through the islands off the East Malaysian Coast towards Tiomen and Rendang early next week.

Our possessions are now split in two again – most heading to Europe by ship in the coming weeks, a smaller portion onboard Temptress ready for the voyage. Over the coming months we will recommence our blog posts, to keep in touch whenever the internet permits. When we are close to the coast you can also track our position via Marine Traffic 

For now though, it is time to say farewell to all our wonderful friends in Singapore. There will always be a welcome for you either onboard during our journey or in Northern Ireland when we finally reach Donaghadee.


  1. Hi Susie and Kevin,
    What a wrench for you to leave Singapore. But I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter in your inspiring circumnavigation. Safe sailing,
    Joe M


  2. It’s sad but everything happens for a reason. Will be glad to have you home!!


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