Preparing for the Off

After three years and a couple months in South East Asia Temptress is about to depart for oceans new. It’s been sad saying au revoir to friends new and old. Sad to think this is the beginning of our final few months in the tropics but excited about the new places and challenges ahead.

A Star Clipper cruise ship
Wonder what insect created this?

Leaving has been a bit of an anti-climax, if a bit of a bustle. First yesterday morning was a trip around Royal Langkawi marina to the diesel pump, then having paid our dues, out to the harbour anchorage before lunch. Later we headed ashore in Sheila and took a taxi to the Ferry Terminal to check out. Then followed a trek around Billion at Langkawi Fair for fresh veg and eggs to get us through the next two weeks then back to Temptress at anchor. The first mate is still under the weather with the remnants of a filthy cough and tonsillitis so the skipper cooked supper. Then an early night.

Waking at first light, after 7am these days here, we had coffee and hauled the anchor. Once underway routine set in with the laundry put to soak, the skipper checking that the charging systems were working ok and breakfast.

Not heading to sea just yet as we need to be sure the recent repairs are well and truly bedded in; no water leaks around the engine or electrical issues remaining from the last leak and that the new watermaker pump is working as it should be. Therefore Temptress’ first trip since before Christmas was a 15nm motor around to the west coast of Langkawi and the anchorage off Telaga.