Dolphin Reef – Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1 April

Pinch, punch, first day of the month and all that. Happy Birthday Brian for later this week!

Here at Dolphin the wind changed direction at about 04:00, we know because the anchor alarm set for a fairly tight circle went off when Temptress swung around to face north. The mooring may have looked fine when the skipper dived on it yesterday but that doesn’t mean we are complacent. Now a couple of hours later it’s blowing moderately, enough to make the rigging sing, and the reef is offering great protection from the waves to the north.

Reviewing progress it feels satisfying; over a thousand miles up the Red Sea, just the final, hardest, third to cover in the coming weeks. Over three thousand miles from Cochin, almost five from Langkawi from where we sailed two and a half month ago on January 16. Our expat life in Singapore seems a distant dream yet it is not a quite year since we departed Changi Sailing Club at the end of April 2019. In that period we have sailed just 500 miles shy of ten thousand!

We read and snoozed all day, life is becoming extremely tedious. Visibility was very poor due to the dust but we could see and hear the waves breaking on the reef encircling us to the north. No one is motivated to do anything though Hugh and Jules did go for a dive on one of the big bommie mid afternoon. Late afternoon the three crews got together for a sundowner on Scotia. Alcohol supplies are running low, shortly sundowners will be tea, coffee or water, however Jules miraculously produced some cheese.

Before we left to go over to Scotia we dialled up on the sat phone to check email. Stupidly someone has sent a large (640k) email which after ten minutes of expensive sat phone time didn’t download. This logjam has effectively cut us off from essential weather downloads as well as using up our precious airtime. We tried calling our service provider in the UK; they are all working from home and we couldn’t reach them, have emailed to see if they can sort it from their end. It is so frustrating.

The forecast isn’t brilliant offering as it does a very short window of easing winds, but all three boats are leaving tomorrow. Temptress hopes to make it to Ghalib, it’s just over 100 miles but directly to windward, so possibly double that distance to sail. Depending on what we find when we get out there we may have to seek refuge along to coast somewhere. Dolphin Reef, where we are now, sits at the southern end of a chain of reefs stretching up the coast for some thirty miles. There are a few anchorages towards the top end but little in between. Beyond are a couple of other safe havens but we’d need to arrive in daylight which is unlikely from here. So it could be a rough overnight trip or may be a desperate hop to another reef anchorage before the weather closes in again.


  1. Are you using an iridium go for your SAT phone. If so there is a way to delete big emails that jam the works. Your progress is impressive. today we leave FL and enter the state of Ga. Our final destination is only a 24 hour sail away but were holding off to arrive until April 6th when we are scheduled to arrive. Once in Charleston we will settle in for a Month of stillness. Stay safe and be well. Richard and Kay


  2. Europe situation will not have changed. Lockdown is becoming stricter with more enforcement. Case numbers in UK are still rising and government has turned or sre turning large venues into field hospitals. Spain and Italy still in crisis. We are all well at home. Keep safe. Xx


  3. I don’t know if this helps Susie, not sure if it has been confirmed but this was posted today

    Greece is opening the borders with 2 ports of entry, yachts that where refused entry started court procedures and the government is being forced to open the borders and allow them entry (with quarantine ) . Denying entry and help is against international maritime law and state of emergency doesn’t justify it .

    Waiting for the official announcement in the government’s newspaper .

    Will keep ear to ground for more information



    • Oh that is great news if it comes off. There are a lot of yachts here in the Red Sea with no where to go after the canal. Do let us know if you hear more


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