Red Sea Passage 14

Wednesday April 8

Is sailing home a distant dream? Yesterday for a few minutes we were indulging ourselves in thoughts of winters in Bangor Marina and summers on a mooring in Strangford Lough, similarly in Poole Harbour for Silver Tern. Then we stopped, soberly reminding ourselves there is a lot of sailing to be done and, in the current situation, can we ensure our boats are seaworthy enough to make it. Will we be able to seek refuge from adverse weather, for repairs, for supplies?

One thing both boats do want to achieve if possible today, is to leave Al Qusayr for a calmer anchorage. Proper sleep is hard to come by when the boat is rolling almost beam to beam, you are asleep but conscious too of the unnatural movement. For both the last two nights I’ve slept with one ear waiting for the anchor alarm to sound indicating we are dragging, brain still alert to the actions needed if it does.

Lori and Jules came over this morning. Lori picked my brain about Med and N Europe anchorages, marinas and ports. As a Canadian whose late husband was a Brit she has some knowledge of UK but hasn’t sailed between here and there. It was fun recalling the places we’ve sailed into back in 2001/2 and 2013. Hopefully we will reach them again soon. Lots of happy memories.

Also heard Cyprus may reopen at end of month. If so it gives us a good first base to aim for. Not entirely the right direction but good wind wise and not too far at just over 200nm north of Port Said and 500 odd miles from our current position. Plus we have been given contact details for a marina there, thanks Lee!

Turned the bunches of herbs, some almonds, garlic and Egyptian peppers (a bit like jalapeños) into a paste we can use as a tapenade or pesto. It occupied a pleasant hour or so in the galley this morning. Running short of olive oil, in fact of oil for cooking full stop, so it’s only just bound together. Then this afternoon chopped up a few odds and ends from the fridge to add to the chicken stock and boiled up with some pasta, so supper is just about ready if we decide to sail later this afternoon.

The dive boat guys came by and took our rubbish which is another headache solved. Kevin tipped the driver $20 for petrol etc and gave the other two a similar amount to share. They have been very good to us and we suspect aren’t being paid by the boat owner even though they come out each day to check on it.

The skippers have decided to give it a go, we can hunker down on the way in at sunrise tomorrow. The option of staying here another night being less palatable than a few rough hours at sea early tomorrow. So we prepare for sea. Abu Sawmah here we come!

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