Abu Sawmah 4

Day 29: Monday 13 April

Re-reading the Covid-19 port special procedures data on Noonsite this morning we realised we had missed something. Spain and Portugal have not entirely locked down their harbours to foreign, transient yachts. It is apparently possible to stop over to pick up fuel and supplies by prior arrangement. Now that would take some planning but it could just be possible if it really was the case; enough to get us home! Worth pondering on. I wonder if fellow cruisers along those coast might be willing to assist with the considerable coordination that would be needed?

Other than that it’s a bit of a duvet day. The skipper made breakfast and checked things on deck. I discovered the yoghurt was a failure, it was fizzy and foul tasting, then posted yesterday’s ramblings to the blog. The laundry is soaking. We finally made an audit of provisions and discovered we are running short on toothpaste (one small tube), deodorant (none), kitchen roll (two rolls) and bread flour (2kg of strong white plus 3kg of wholemeal or rye). Dried pulses like black eyes, lentils and so on are also low with only what is left in the in-use tubs in the galley.

Looking at the Windy App it just might be that we not only get a weather window but one with southerly winds in the Gulf of Suez by a week on Wednesday. If that is the case then things are looking up. If we reach Tor Harbour this week then next week it might be possible to cover the last 122nm to Suez. That’s a lot of ifs though. For now we sit and wait for this coming Wednesday.

To support the laundry efforts the watermaker is on as is Mr Wibbly-Wobbly the wind generator. The water quality is now in the poor range at 850ppm and the volume low but we daren’t change out the membrane as this might make the high pressure side leak worse. It’s not just food and groceries that are in short supply.

In order to safely cover the remaining few thousand miles we somehow need to source watermaker parts, and maybe additional fuel filters and other boat consumables like engine oil. There are enough for now but when we left Malaysia back in January we envisaged stopping in first world harbours with chandleries once we reached the Med. A replacement autopilot control head for the cockpit would be useful in an ideal world too as could the space to replace the foot tape on the genoa again; I actually have the tape but manipulating the metres of tape and acres of sail in the cockpit just isn’t feasible.

Are companies able to supply parts? Are companies like DHL and Fedex operating? Are countries allowing goods in? And finally in this equation where could they be delivered to? Egypt has never been high on the list of places to get yacht parts shipped to. We are too isolated from what’s going on to even contemplate starting to look into this.

And a little bonus to brighten our day; I tugged and wiggled the packet of smoked salmon tucked in the ice building up along the sides of icebox, then having extracted it, realised there is another pack still stuck to the side! So two meals not one. Omelette and salmon for supper with cucumber rice salad.


  1. As perhaps a contingency and not too far off track, have you considered the British Enclaves of Akrotiri and Dhekelia on Cyprus ? Just a thought.


    • Hi Guys

      harry grimmers with the watermaker playing u and the food situation looking thinner that said please to hear about the find in the icebox hoorah.

      We are still sort of keeping out the way of folks and dealing wit a tetchy client and getting ready for 2019 how well we did not do last season as a company and have to eat up some the rubbish they will say about us.
      I have some key players leaving so my personnel resources are getting low hear All one-sided lol.
      I went for a walk along the beach and found a piece of driftwood that resembled a seal on its flippers (at a push) but enough pattern to of resemblance to scare the living daylights out of the cat who refused to go anywhere near the thing and hid in fear. LOL
      Turned it up the other way and used for an orchid hanger that said eyes akimbo and hissing sid of a cat still was not sure of the poor wood sculpture.
      Nice and warm here the virus has not been busy during these last few days so Brunei so looking better..

      Take care



  2. Let me know if you’re short of data. Perhaps I could enquire through the Embassy here in Dubai, or even call them. Akrotiri seems to have a deep water Harbour, apart from the port. The British forces would love to assist I’m sure. We’re all pretty much in distress but with very few options at Port Said other than heading out into whatever the weather. It could be your closest haul. Do let me know if I’m using unnecessary data by over posting. Just direct me as to what you want done. X


  3. My understanding is that Fed EX, UPS< and DHL are still operating and busy. I have sourced parts from Defenders recently and had no issue. Regarding international mail, I have not heard of any disruptions. Hope this helps. Richard


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