Marsa Thilimit

Day 33: Friday 17 April

So we woke to a weather forecast that predicts both boats being stuck here until Tuesday. The skipper cooked perfect poached eggs for breakfast then let out a load more anchor chain as a precaution. We are in six metres with sixty metres of chain out, that should keep us safe!

Food has become an all consuming issue (excuse the pun); what to make that best uses the rapidly declining supply of fresh stuff before it goes off and, having opened a can of sauerkraut, what else can we do with it. So tonight’s supper looks like being a sort of shepherds pie. The base will be lentil ‘mince’, then a layer of sauerkraut topped with mashed potato. The potatoes are enormous, of the one will feed two hungry people size; have peeled and cooked two so we have some mash to fry up or something tomorrow.

Spent an hour this morning emailing harbour authorities, marinas and so forth along a potential route through the Mediterranean. The request was for the ability for a yacht in transit to refuel and re-provision. If nothing else the exercise gave me something to do. Malta is completely closed despite its strategic position so no joy there. Gibraltar I’ve established, we can put in for fuel, which is good news, waiting for the marinas there to respond regarding a provisioning stop. Also emailed two options on Crete, one of which we know another boat has headed to, plus one in Sardinia and one in Sicily. Let’s see what responses we get.

Meanwhile Kevin and Jules, well mostly Jules, dismantled the watermaker and replaced the membrane. A task Jules has done before to his own. Hoping for better quality water when they’ve done. They discovered another leak on the high pressure side which wasn’t helping and patched it up with stuff from our old inflatable dinghy’s repair kit. The dinghy has long gone but the kit was kept just in case. Anyway the water quality was back in the drinkable range, just, which was a relief so started filling the tank. However the reduction in pressure due to the leaks soon made its impact and the quality deteriorated. For now we have to accept we have no watermaker and will need to fill the tanks from the shore wherever we can. Water usage is therefore severely rationed until we reach Suez.

In one of those swaps that good neighbours do, Jules brought over cake and custard with a request from Silver Tern’s galley slave for some cooking oil! We were happy to oblige having recently discover a litre of sunflower oil in the bilge store boxes. The unexpected pud was lovely, thx Lori!

And finally the supper was brilliant. Sauerkraut as a layer under the potatoes is an inspired idea. Thank-you to my Facebook friends for all the sauerkraut ideas. We will be trying another one tomorrow night.


  1. The bilges on ToD, oh what I learned when I helped move you back on……. Susie you are very much like my granny was, you can make a mouth watering meal out of very little. Ahh, and Kevins poached eggs. One of my favourite breakfasts.

    Life here, I am sick of TV, I can barely do it. So I sit on my laptop, FB, work, have discovered the App called House Party, I live for this, social connection even if over the internet. I joined a fabulous group of ladies this week on a 6 week Personal Training programme, I did 2 workouts, the 3rd tomorrow.

    I have taken over Mikes office, he unlike me can work in front of the TV. It’s a reasonable sized room, with the best breeze at the moment, floor to ceiling windows and a ceiling fan, otherwise its horribly hot and humid here.

    Sandy also keeps me exercised, although Im not the best fan of walking with a mask on. But believe me I can still give a mean stare and throw dirty eyes to anybody who doesn’t have a mask on.

    Im glad you have Silver Tern for company. Remembered that last week Easter last year, and you took us up to Sebana Cove. That was a wonderful weekend.

    My work trip to Glasgow in September is probably off , but if I can travel the first place I will go is the Emerald Isle, so I’ll see you both somewhere, somehow.

    Really love to see this blog and know that you are both safe. Love, Cxxx


  2. Good to hear the Spectra is once again behaving. I just finished working on mine and am waiting on a new salinity probe to install. Fortunately, I am now at a dock with water. It sounds lie the med will be a challenge for a while. In the USA, there is “talk” about reopening the economy and how to do it. In my opinion it’s fine to plan but way too early to begin. Hope you can transit soon. Richard and Kay


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