Marsa Thilimit 4

Day 36: Monday 20 April

The relentless wind continues but I guess you knew that otherwise we would be sailing or motoring to Suez not blogging from this remote, unforgiving spot. Thilimit or Thelemet corrupts to a rather apt name ‘The Limit’. The night was a bit rough with the boat pulling every which way and the noise terrible.

We now check every new forecast like drug addicts hunting for a fix. Tuesday, tomorrow, remains looking like the day to go although the calmer weather appears to be arriving later with each edition so it may be very late when we reach Suez. Arriving somewhere new in the dark is never a good idea but we have a couple of options; the yacht club moorings are the usual place to go, it’s just that in the dark we aren’t certain picking up fore and aft moorings is a great idea. However just before then is a long breakwater, Bar Ibrihim, and we’ve been told we can ask the port authorities for shelter whichever side of it is out of the wind so that’s our backup anchorage for our first night in Suez.

Since we left Langkawi in mid January Temptress has covered 5267nm, that’s equivalent to a quarter of the way around the Equator! For a boat that’s a lot of hard wear and tear. Today Jules is coming over to help the Skipper improve the replacement fuel filter setup by changing over some lines. It’s still going to be external with hoses coming out of the hole in lid over the fuel tank and the filter mounted by your feet in the cabin is rather vulnerable. Changing that over needs to wait until we are safely along side, so may be when we are in the canal.

They are also planning to have another go at fixing the watermaker, having decided the poor water quality is possibly the result of leaking o-rings causing discarded water to get into the product. All rather technical but they seem to know what they are talking about and Jules has found a spare set onboard Silver Tern. Having the watermaker working again would help improve our safety enroute home to the UK as the harbours we can stop at for fuel may not have water available and we need drinking water more than fuel!

09:00 More good news! Captain Heebi has said to let him know our ETA and he will arrange for someone to assist with lines as the YC regardless of how late! He works 24 hours he says. Skipper is getting further details by WhatsApp; whatever did we do before messaging services? However the two boats may well still anchor outside til the morning.

Late morning Jules collected eggs and sugar for Lori. Then he and Kevin turned the aft end of our boat, in fact most of the boat upside down whilst they replaced fuel hoses. I found a spot to tuck myself in with the cross stitch, only moving to provide them with a cuppa.

Then, after a messy lunch of corn fritters, messy because I didn’t put enough flour in the mix and it stuck horribly to the pan; they set to, dismantling the watermaker again over mugs of coffee. Meanwhile I created a stew in the thermal cooker from the last of the beef, one enormous potato, another third of the pumpkin and some split peas. Even the bay leaves are running low, wonder if you can buy them in Egypt?

Mid afternoon the wind continued to howl but at a slightly lower level than in the night. How long can this continue? The great news is the watermaker finally seems to be producing potable water again at 683ppm and 16l per hour! We are back in business. And by the time they’d put things back together the wind was easing a little more too. Things really are looking up. I did a little planning; up to three weeks to Gibraltar plus any weather stops needed, then maybe two to three weeks to the UK, so in a couple of months Temptress just might be home. Feeling much more positive than we have for days.

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  1. 683ppm seems high for drinking…..are you double checking that your salinity tester is calibrated correctly? Comparing it to the sea water? My fingers are crossed on the wind sitting down. Great news on the mooring support. Stay safe. Richard and kay.


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