Tuesday afternoon (23 March) I’m leaving hubby and jetting off to Oman. Two flights later I’ll be in Salalah on the southern coast in the Dhofar region where I am told the hills are green and lush. After just a month in Bahrain I’m looking forward to seeing trees that aren’t dusty date palms! White sandy beaches and coconut palms seem a perfectly acceptable alternative. In Salalah I am meeting up with our friends Pat and Tony on their sailing boat Full Flight, a 40 foot Wauquiez Centurion, to be the crew for the next leg of their voyage from Turkey to India.

From Oman we cross the Indian Ocean to Mumbai – a straight line distance of 1080 nautical miles. However I expect it’ll not be so simple as that so there’ll be no new posts from me until after Easter but I’ll endeavour to keep a log en-voyage and update everyone on my return.

So long for now and fair winds