Home Again!

Home again and coming through the door last night it really felt like home much to my surprise as we’d be living here only about a month or so when I headed off to Oman and I’ve been away for much the same length of time. The friendly reception staff waved a welcome as we drove in and it was great to stand under the shower for ages without worrying about water usage.

Today has been unpacking, catching up on email, doing the washing (endlessly feeding the infernal machine) and lunch with hubby. The lunch date proved I was definately back in Bahrain; left the flat around 12:30 and 30 minutes later arrived at a destination that wasn’t where we were originally heading as the traffic was too heavy around Adliya. Tuna Nicoise at the British Club for me, Steak and Ale Pie with mash and veg for him (it could probably have fed a small family). This and last nights steak supper in “American Alley” made a change from the largely curry-based diet consumed in Oman, on the voyage to India and in Mumbai. The port workers cafe in Salalah Port, Oman is highly recommended for cheap and delicious curries – Chicken Masala, Mutter (Peas) & Meat (mince beef) and occasionally other choices all for around 1 Riayal including chapatis or rice, salad and a soft drink. Unfortunately you need to arrive by boat to be able to sample it, we would have eaten there every night if it hadn’t been for the attraction of beer at the Oasis Club just outside the port. On the flight home Gulf Air offered guess what… chicken or veg curry! Still full from my fish curry lunch at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club I stuck to orange juice and water.

In a previous post I ranted about the washer dryer – well while I was away it malfunctioned. Somehow the maintenance guy got it working again and we are apparently first in line for a replacement when/if they arrive. All of the washing machines in the block have developed faults despite being only 5 or 6 months old (thats around 50 identical washer dryers). Hopefully ours will hobble along until I’ve cleaned up from my trip.

Later today when I’ve dropped K off at the airport I’ll start to write up my travel log – lots of adventures and pictures to share.