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Warning: Guys this is not really a post for you, though feel free to read on!

We girlies all know that a good fitting bra is a thing of wonder… your assets feel comfortable and your clothes look good. In recent years one or two UK TV fashion programmes have made it their mission to ensure that every female in the land knows how to get underwear that fits. And for those of us who are well endowed shall we say, department stores have finally woken up to their internet competition (I love and started stocking pretty pieces in a variety of shapes and colours rather than simply racks of boring black, white or flesh (what a name for something that looks dead!) heavy duty lace or padded cups. The ladies in the lingerie department in Bentalls (Kingston Upon Thames, UK) are lovely, patiently putting up with my attempts to find something to fit under an oddly shaped cocktail dress neckline.

So off I go to Bahrain… here I revel in finding M&S, BHS and Debenhams plus La Senza and a host of other high street lingerie retailers that haven’t ever reached the UK. No problem then trying to purchase a smooth garment to wear under fitted white t-shirts? Wrong. First it’s a matter of size. Most places seem to think that the maximum size any female chest can be is a 38D.  In fact am I alone in thinking that clothes retailers stock as if women larger than size 14 don’t exist? A smattering of slightly larger chest sizes with chunky embroidery have made it into the UK high streets favourites mainly as long as you don’t mind non-wired, white, black or pillar box red. (I recall buying a scarlet-something that was over 40 inches in M&S as a joke present for a certain Irish friend’s 50th :-)). As for cup sizes bigger than D or DD forget it. I look at the pretty blue polka dots or pink flowery things and sigh, even as a teenager plain white or black was all M&S could supply me with.

Yesterday finding myself in Seef Mall for the first time since my extended summer break, I thought I’d try again in my hunt for the perfect little something to wear under a white t-shirt, no-padding (definitely not needed), no chunky embroidery (smooth and seamless please), a snug fit for my embonpoint 34 or 36 F or FF  (depending on the brand). I promptly lost all hope when one retailer (Bendon) on finding nothing bigger than a D on their racks, advised to try on a couple of chest sizes up. “Madam we suggest you try a 38D, the extra inches round will give you the fit” Doh!

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  1. This is probably why I wear the same set as soon as it comes out of my laundry over and over again until its worn out completely. It is also why I don't like to run and it is mostly why I do not have something with frivolous pink polka dots.


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