Crossed Wires

You can’t escape British Gas even in Dubai…. my UK mobile, switched on because I needed a UK number it contained, rang this evening. At the other end was someone trying to sell me a gas contract for a house we’ve not lived in since early 2006! Are their dialing systems the source of the annoying missed calls from Glasgow & Liverpool yesterday and today, when my phone has rung once and then hung up before I could reach it several times?

Meanwhile with hubby away (again) I was bored with cooking for one so ordered a takeaway. Having repeated the address for delivery several times even spelling the name of our building “Al Arta 1” twice, I was told it would be 45 mins minimum probably an hour, which suited me as I needed to pop out to the ATM before paying for my supper. As I drove back into the underground parking some 20 mins or so later I spotted a delivery scooter from the Copper Chimney arriving, I just beat him up the lifts to the apartment door. Not only was it delivered promptly, there was sufficient to feed me several times over, delicious and fragrant vegetable biryani together with fish in a lovely cashew cream sauce. Supper anyone?

Finally the intriguing tale of some crossed lines. When I switched on the aforementioned mobile a day or two ago it was sent a text;
“Hi  sent email with details of flights etc for sat 25 jun. Cheap deal on monarch has2 b booked today 9th 2 get good rates! hope you make it! Cherry x”
Not certain that Monarch fly to or from Dubai and the only Cherry I’ve known was unlikely to sign an SMS with a kiss so it definitely wasn’t meant for me so being a good hearted citizen I responded.
“Think u snt txt re flights to wrong no.”
Then when I turned my phone on again today another text arrived:
“I did then we spoke on phoner earlier in week! Still ok if u want 2 change yope u are feeling better now. Cherry. x”
Ah well, it left me wondering who Cherry is and who is the friend who might have been visiting but now it appears isn’t!